Sunday, 19 August 2012

This could be the start of something very very small...

Well it's been a while since I've posted anything, as frankly I haven't been doing much hobby wise for a good while. My job landed me with work that basically meant working during the day, then coming home and writing up about what I'd done during the day. And I've generally been so knackered that I couldn't muster the energy to do anything hobby related, and it's kept me from the club, so no gaming either. But no more thankfully. Well hopefully. I'm off to Inverness this week, so I don't know how much I'll get done.

So that means I've finally had a chance to start work on my Dropzone Commander stuff from Hawk Wargames that I received after pre-ordering it to ship on day of release.

So I purchased the large army set for the UCM (United Colonies of Mankind). The humans basically (I generally end up going human). They've been pushed off Earth and all the good worlds, known as the Cradle Worlds, by an evil parasitic race known simply as "The Scourge". Now 170 years later, after forging a new society out of the fringe colonies that weren't invaded, they've back with a great big armada, full of tanks and legionnaires to take the planet back.

On top of them there's also the Post Human Republic, who abandoned Earth just days prior to the invasion, after Earth received a doom laden prophecy from a mysterious white sphere, and the Shaltari, an enigmatic alien race, who fight mankind and each other as often as they help them.

Anyways, on to the painting. I've chosen a reasonably simple two tone urban camouflage scheme, just going for different plates rather than an actual camouflage scheme to speed things up.

Bear APC and it's squad of UCM Legionnaires

Bear APC on it's own

Close up of the infantry

The three infantry stands

So I started out with a spray can of Army Painter's Uniform Grey, which would act as one tone, and also purchased some of their Wolf Grey to use as the alternate tone. This was applied were desired, along with Vallejo Game Colour Gunmetal were needed, and then given a coat of GW Badab Black. They were then given a quick drybrush of the appropriate grey to lighten up the edges and the plates on the APC. The Gunmetal areas were given a quick drybrush of GW Mithril Silver. For skin on the legionnaires that was VMC Medium fleshtone, Ogryn flesh, then just highlighted back up with medium fleshtone. Then just add little extras like the lights on the APC and on the ends of the rocket launchers, and do up the base for the infantry to attempt to show that while it's urban rubble to provide some contrast with the grey camo infantry.

And that's it. I'm trying to keep it reasonably simply, as they're 10mm figures and I've got a lot to get through and I don't want to be spending ages on one tank, cause then they'll never get done. Larger vehicles, or vehicles that won't be used in such large numbers will probably get a bit more attention, but these, along with the tanks are the bread and butter of the force.

Anyways, hope you like them, please comment on what you think and what I could improve on beyond my camera abilities, and hello all again to people. Hopefully I'll be able to keep this going again.