Monday, 25 March 2013

Sarissa Precision System Infinity WIP

So, work has started (well it started a while ago to tell the truth) on the G3 demo game for this year's convention circuit up here in Scotland, and with rules being written, figures being painted and all other sorts of things, it's fallen to me to do the scenery painting.

To tell the truth I volunteered for it. Not only did I want to help out, I got an airbrush for Christmas, and this seemed like the perfect thing to get some time in, hone my skills and what not. I even decided to order some airbrush paint.

So after ordering the paint, at the start of FEBRUARY!!! and it not arriving, despite it being dispatched twice, I decided to just use thinner and regular paint. However, it was not to be, as the white wouldn't thin, instead it just clumped up into some horrible mass, that wouldn't do anything, let alone go through an airbrush. So I ordered more paint, from a different company, and lo and behold, they actually sent it to me, and it arrived and everything.

So all this meant, that over the weekend, I finally got started on the scenery.

So I've so far got two of the longer habitat buildings painted, and awaiting random sci-fi shapes, doors and what not. The fine details. The small habitat building has received it's random sci-fi shapes, though there's been a little bit of bleed through, so that shall be fixed.

I need to do one of the larger habitat buildings, one of the industrial pods, and a silo. Hopefully more progress shall be made over the Easter weekend, as I need to crack on with it. I shall post more pics later in the future, rather than these hastily grabbed snaps, which were quickly taken so I could get approval from the rest of the committee, to ensure they were happy with them.

Hope you like them. Between these, and everything else we've got planned, it should be another good looking board, and hopefully take us home a few prizes again.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

G3 Necromunda Campaign

The nightmare undercity of Necromunda, where muscly men must blast guns wildly into the air, and fight for more hair products for their mohawks.

So the G3 Necromunda campaign is just about to kick off, and with it a load of old gangs are getting dragged out of cupboards to participate. I've got my Orlocks ready 'Sons of Anarchy', inspired by a certain popular television program. I'm in two minds whether I should paint them, or whether I should keep them just now, given they're painted, even if the paint job was done about 15 years ago. They're still painted, so it still counts.

Anyway, currently on the roster of gangs we have

The Shadow Hawks (Delaque Gang)
The Stonebreakers (Goliath Gang)
Squee (Ratskins)
The Strangers (Delaque Gang)
Sons of Anarchy (my very own Orlock gang)

There's more players showing interest so it should grow. The idea is to play a couple of games a month, whenever you can, and it'll all be normalised over the time period, so it shouldn't matter if you're only playing once or twice, or hundreds of games.

I'll let you know how I get on, I face the Strangers on Tuesday, so we'll see how many of the lads survive. Try and do a bit of a running commentary on such things.

Thanks for reading. Mecha Ace out.