Saturday, 29 December 2012

New painting station for Christmas

Greetings everyone, I hope everyone had a good Christmas.

For me, Christmas has brought on a bit of a new thing, as I had intended to use money I got for Christmas to partly pay for an airbrush and extraction chamber. However Santa decided to bring me them instead.

Since however it's a bit of a wieldy thing, I decided it was time for a proper permanent painting station, rather than the temporary affair I had, so after a bit of tidying in the spare room, and a trip to Ikea (2 trips, as they didn't have the desk I wanted, then after being told "They're coming in tomorrow" and my wife going back, only to be told "They're coming in tomorrow" again. Hence the second best was settled for.), I now have a proper painting station at last.

Behold it in all its painting station glory.

Hopefully this'll mean I can get a bit more done, instead of having to pack things away at time and then get it all back out again. The airbrush also means I can work on some bigger projects I've been thinking of, without losing the will to live having to paint it all by brush.

Now I just need to figure out how to use it, so probably lots of videos on youtube for me.

Hope everybody else had a great Christmas, and a good New Year when it comes.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Back and painting again

Well still convalescing, but I've managed to get some painting done over the period I've been off amongst other things. So thought I'd put them up.

They're the start of my Assault Subsection sectoral army for my Aleph army for Infinity. I decided that rather than the usual of sticking to the same colour scheme for them, I would mark out the Assault Subsection troops with a different colour scheme, to show that while Aleph is normally just special operations policing the human sphere, these are the armed force of Aleph in it's war against the Evolved Intelligence.

On the left a Myrmidon with a boarding shotgun, on the right a Myrmidon with chain rifle and sword (though you can't see it).

Myrmidon doing fancy stuff with his sword.

Group shot of the Myrmidon box set from Corvus Belli for Infinity. Second from the right is the last Myrmidon with Combi-Rifle.

Originally I had planned on doing these guys black and chrome, though I was worried that it might end up being very dark. So instead I decided to go with more traditional colours for Greeks (which the Assault Subsection is based off of), and picked a red and bronze colour scheme. It was however after painting the first Myrmidon for the test scheme, I realised it looked a bit like Iron Man. However I decided I liked it anyways and stuck with it.

Any comments and criticism are welcome so they are.

Mecha Ace out.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Not much has been getting done

Not a great deal been getting done of late, mostly due to work and the impending Christmas, so going out shopping etc.

I am however off work for the next 2 weeks after having my gallbladder removed, so once I get to a stage were sitting up for long periods of time is okay, I'll use that time to get some painting done hopefully.

In the mean time, trying to get the figures I wish now, before the Salute oath kicks in at the end of the month, to see me through the 4 month dry spell.

Friday, 16 November 2012

A realm of sun and sand

So a bit of a tangent from what I normally do today, as I thought I'd talk about one of the other facets my geekiness takes, and that's roleplaying.

So while I've played several games, and ran a few, it was a few years ago that I discovered Savage Worlds, and through it I discovered the setting of Hellfrost by a company called Triple Ace Games.

They're a small company, with only 2 people behind the whole show, but they've managed to produce one of my favourite settings in Hellfrost.

Because they can probably sell it better than I, here's the blurb from their website

An endless winter is coming...

500 years ago: From the frozen far north, beyond the civilized lands with their rolling hills and forests, arose a mighty army of frost giants, ice devils, Hellfrost dragons, and fearsome orcs, servants all of the ice god Thrym. So began the terrible Blizzard War and the downfall of the mighty empires of man
Today: The races of the southern lands may have won the war, but they suffer its legacy still. For five centuries the winters have grown steadily longer and colder. Huge swathes of the land of Rassilon are permanently covered in ice and snow, and even the temperate lands are not spared the misery of failed harvests, deadly winters, and the dreaded Hellfrost wind.
But winter is not the only danger. A mere 30 years ago, magic, once the civilized races’ most potent weapon, suddenly began to fail. The Siphoning, an effect of unknown origin, has made magic an unpredictable ally.
Welcome to the world of Rassilon. Welcome to the Hellfrost!

The original setting has the different races of fantasy that you're used to, humans in their different cultures, dwarves, elves, Engro (Halflings), orcs, goblins and all the others. It has a bit of Norse influence with some of the cultures, and the game at times can be as much about survival against the winters which grow colder every year, as about slaying orcs. However Rassilon is only one part of a much larger world, and that world is just about to get bigger.

Hellfrost: Land of Fire Arabian Fantasy

To the south of Rassilon lies the land of Al-Shirkuh, were the people were freed from the rule of the Jinn and now live free lives. However the land is not so peaceful, and with it, the rains are becoming scarcer and the deserts swell, while there are those who would restore the Jinn's rule over mankind for their own fleeting chance at power.

With new fantasy races, new types of magic and another continent to explore the game promises to add a lot to the game. I'm already plotting new ways to get my current group of players who are trekking through the snow right now, into the desert when it eventually comes out.

If you fancy a taste of what this book will have in store, then I'd suggest you look here.

Land of Fire sampler PDF

It promises to be a setting just as diverse and detailed as Hellfrost, with specific books for it, and small pdfs for each of the areas of the realm which only cost 2 or 3 pound each and add a great bit of detail to realms you need for your game. I'd recommend you to give it a look, whether you're new to roleplaying or a veteran, as the Savage Worlds system is pretty swift and simple and easy to get into.  And with the lead designer of the setting answering a lot of the questions on the forum within a generally quick amount of time, you can't fault the support it gets.

So from the land of snow and ice, to the land of sun and sand, Mecha Ace out.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Dropzone Commander and Infinity figures

Well, once again apologies for not posting anything for a while. I've not had a great deal of time for hobby related stuff, but managed to get a little bit done on some projects.

Dropzone commander related, I've painted my Wolverine Scout buggies for my UCM army. These are what sold me on the UCM when I saw them, as I thought they were really cool looking, and knew right then I wanted them, and this game.

I'll be adding another squadron of these as soon as possible. Also excuse the lack of weapons on them, as they're currently sitting blu-tacked to empty paint pots to get painted up.

Another project I've started work on is trying to paint up some of my forlorn looking Infinity figures, and going back to my first army PanOceania.

I started painting these years ago, but was never massively happy with the colour scheme, and at the same time it was quite time consuming to do. So after several years of sitting looking at me, I decided to give a new colour scheme a go for my first love of the game.

And as it turned out, the figure I decided to use as a test scheme, was the same figure I'd painted several years ago. So on the left we have one of the first figures I painted for Infinity, and on the right my newly minted paint scheme.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, though I'd like some better contrast on the blue armour. That can be worked on with later figures. The trousers have turned out pretty well I think, and the face in comparison is a lot better.

Anyways hope you guys like, comments and criticism always welcome.

Mecha Ace out.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Dropzone Commander Armour section taking shape

Well, I was away in Berlin last week, so no painting got done, but I've also been off this week so amongst other things, I've managed to get some work done on my UCM force for Dropzone Commander.

3 Rapiers (AA Tanks) and 3 Sabres (MBTs)

The 3 Rapiers, for shooting down pesky planes.

And a close up, so you can all spot my flaws.

The 3 Sabres, leading the charge in taking back the Cradle Worlds.

And another close up to spot my flaws.

Must admit, I enjoyed painting them. It doesn't take a massive amount of effort to make them look good, and once I did the test tank, to make sure that I was happy with the scheme and just started mass production of doing 3 at a time, they go reasonably quickly. Well for me.

In that though, it doesn't take long to see an effect, which I think keeps me going on it. One of the other reasons I'm starting to like smaller scale games more and more.

I've got some little scout buggies on the go as well, and shall hopefully have them done soon. Then I've got one more squad of 3 Sabres to do, and then move onto other bits of the army. Getting there.

Mecha Ace out.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

This could be the start of something very very small...

Well it's been a while since I've posted anything, as frankly I haven't been doing much hobby wise for a good while. My job landed me with work that basically meant working during the day, then coming home and writing up about what I'd done during the day. And I've generally been so knackered that I couldn't muster the energy to do anything hobby related, and it's kept me from the club, so no gaming either. But no more thankfully. Well hopefully. I'm off to Inverness this week, so I don't know how much I'll get done.

So that means I've finally had a chance to start work on my Dropzone Commander stuff from Hawk Wargames that I received after pre-ordering it to ship on day of release.

So I purchased the large army set for the UCM (United Colonies of Mankind). The humans basically (I generally end up going human). They've been pushed off Earth and all the good worlds, known as the Cradle Worlds, by an evil parasitic race known simply as "The Scourge". Now 170 years later, after forging a new society out of the fringe colonies that weren't invaded, they've back with a great big armada, full of tanks and legionnaires to take the planet back.

On top of them there's also the Post Human Republic, who abandoned Earth just days prior to the invasion, after Earth received a doom laden prophecy from a mysterious white sphere, and the Shaltari, an enigmatic alien race, who fight mankind and each other as often as they help them.

Anyways, on to the painting. I've chosen a reasonably simple two tone urban camouflage scheme, just going for different plates rather than an actual camouflage scheme to speed things up.

Bear APC and it's squad of UCM Legionnaires

Bear APC on it's own

Close up of the infantry

The three infantry stands

So I started out with a spray can of Army Painter's Uniform Grey, which would act as one tone, and also purchased some of their Wolf Grey to use as the alternate tone. This was applied were desired, along with Vallejo Game Colour Gunmetal were needed, and then given a coat of GW Badab Black. They were then given a quick drybrush of the appropriate grey to lighten up the edges and the plates on the APC. The Gunmetal areas were given a quick drybrush of GW Mithril Silver. For skin on the legionnaires that was VMC Medium fleshtone, Ogryn flesh, then just highlighted back up with medium fleshtone. Then just add little extras like the lights on the APC and on the ends of the rocket launchers, and do up the base for the infantry to attempt to show that while it's urban rubble to provide some contrast with the grey camo infantry.

And that's it. I'm trying to keep it reasonably simply, as they're 10mm figures and I've got a lot to get through and I don't want to be spending ages on one tank, cause then they'll never get done. Larger vehicles, or vehicles that won't be used in such large numbers will probably get a bit more attention, but these, along with the tanks are the bread and butter of the force.

Anyways, hope you like them, please comment on what you think and what I could improve on beyond my camera abilities, and hello all again to people. Hopefully I'll be able to keep this going again.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

A small memorial

I've never really been one to post up notes on the internet of people I knew passing away, but today when I found out that one of my good friends lost his fight against cancer this morning I decided that I would, because after seeing him at shows talking to people it always amazed me how many people he knew on site, and who knew him, and that how much of the gaming community had been touched by this man, who for most of my life knew simply as the guy who worked that till at my local gaming shop.

My friend Spencer Warner passed away this morning. That's him second from the right. As I said above, I got to know him through my local gaming shop, and then became involved in helping him establish our local games club and we became friends from there.

He inspired me to start my own game project, which I'm still working on. He was always there with a good bit of advice on a game, or to help pitch in with a club project when we needed it. It'll feel strange at Claymore doing our demo game or Empire of the Dead, knowing he painted the figures.

I don't really want to write much, just something so that others in the gaming community know that this man, who did so much for our hobby in his time has passed on. If you knew of him, or actually knew him in your life then I too feel your loss.

For those who do know him, his wife has asked not to be contacted at this time, and to leave off sending flowers. If anybody wishes to do anything all that's been asked is maybe fling a couple of quid at McMillan Cancer trust.

I'm going out to meet some guys for a drink now to remember him. All I can say is that I know he'll be painting and gaming away somewhere. Hope his dice rolls are forever good.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Deals, Deals, Deals...Summer Sales

So right now there is some great deals going on, and thought I'd write a quick article in case people were unaware of them.

Ground Zero Games

Ground Zero Games are having their summer sale, which sees everything in their store at 15% off. Yes that's right everything. The sale lasts till midnight on Monday the 11th of July, so you've got a bit of time, but I wouldn't leave it too long.

Ground Zero Games online store

So you can get yourself a Full Thrust fleet, some of their 15mm models, or some of their great scenery. I may be tempted to get some of the little add-on bits for buildings for my recently acquired GameCraft MDF buildings. And speaking of GameCraft Miniatures...

 GameCraft Miniatures

GameCraft miniatures are having a 4th of July weekend sale. Until the 4th of July, all their merchandise is at 20% off, as if it wasn't already good value. So why not go over their and get some great scenery to use on all that Ground Zero Games stuff you just bought.

GameCraft Miniatures shop

Or if you want to use that scenery for a different purpose why not head on over to

Critical Mass Games

Critical Mass Games are having their summer sale as well, with 20% off everything in their store until the 22nd of July, so that's a good deal of time to mull over some purchases. I've always fancied some of their scenery, and I think one of those Otilium refineries would go nicely with what I've just purchased.

And last but not least

Dream Pod 9

Dream Pod 9 have just declared the summer blitz to push Heavy Gear, their game of mecha combat.

To start with, their offering up the rules books for Heavy Gear for free. Yes that's right for free. To get them head on over to DriveThruRPG and simply download. Free, gratis, etc etc.

Locked and Loaded 1.1

Field Manual - Core Rulebook

Essentially the field manual replaces Locked and Loaded as the core rulebook, though Locked and Loaded is still required as it has all the army lists in it (unless you play one of the later armies).

And if that wasn't enough, they've listened to people about the game being a bit expensive to get into and they've launched some summer blitz packs. Now these packs are truly epic, and make for a great start. For example the Northern Starter Pack comes with

1 x Northern General Purpose Squad (DP9-9021, $43.50)
1 x Northern Strike Squad (DP9-9024, $44.50)
1 x Northern Fire Support Squad (DP9-9027, $53.75)
1 x Northern Recon Squad (DP9-9045, $43.50)
1 x Northern Infantry Platoon (DP9-9035, $23.00)
1 x Heavy Gear Blitz! - Field Manual Rulebook 60 pages black & white digest size book (DP9-9997h, $10.00)
1 x Heavy Gear Blitz! - Field Manual Rulebook Full Color ebook (DP9-9997 ebook, Free)
1 x Locked & Loaded Full Color ebook including Northern Army Lists (DP9-9996 ebook, Free)

Which costs $150 and ends up saving you $68.25, which I think is a pretty damn good deal for such fine quality merchandise. There is also a southern pack as well for those people who prefer the southern states.

Frankly, even if you're not sure about the game, I would urge you to download the rulebooks and give it a look, as frankly at the end of the day it's going to cost you nothing. Even if you pick it up later, you'll lose nothing by checking the rules out now, and hopefully you'll find yourself as enthralled by the setting as I was.

Hope these have been some use.

Mecha Ace out.  

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

15mm Tomorrow's war buildings from Gamecraft

So it's been a bit quiet round here, and frankly it's cause I've been too lazy to do any real hobbying of late. I'm trying to break out of it though, and I started with a bit of light assembly of the recently arrived 15mm Tomorrow's war buildings I purchased from GameCraft Miniatures

Landing Pad (elongated hex)

Garage/shop module

Medium Module

Small module
They arrived pretty quickly, taking around 7 days to arrive from the States. I ended up purchasing the landing pad, the garage/shop module, 2 medium modules and 2 small modules. I also purchased the 3d kits for the 3 modules, which basically without means that the raised areas you see on the outside wouldn't be there, they instead are just cut-in to the surface. Still visible, but not raised up.

The whole order cost about £48 I believe. It was originally £51 odds, but GameCraft charge a flat rate of $20 for international shipping, and then refund the difference, which for myself was $6 something. All in all, I think it's pretty good value for what they are.

The buildings themselves are pretty good. They fit together well, with the laser cut MDF having small slots for everything to go, though there were some very small gaps, though nothing a bit of filler won't take care off. No removable roofs which would've been nice, but it's survivable. They don't have a bottom either, but if they're based up then it doesn't matter. I had to place a big box of random figures on top of the landing pad, as when I glued it, the MDF on the top layer

I haven't fitted the doors to these yet either, and I'm not sure I will, or at least not on all of them. Again these just slot in to the frame, and can then be glued in.The doors themselves are a little taller than the model I've got them next too, so they may look a bit big if used for smaller scale things, like Heavy Gear. Possibly not too bad though, I'll need to test it and see.

So now the next thing is what colour to paint them. I'm looking for something a bit more than grey. Possibly a white/red combo. What are your thoughts?

Mecha Ace signing off

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sometimes you get what you want, sometimes you don't...

So a couple of things happened this week in gaming. Well a lot of things happened, but I'm going to focus on a couple that have particular interest to me.

It was announced this weekend that the game Robotech Battles that was in the works and I talked about in this post has not got the green light from Palladium and Harmony Gold. John Paulson of Paulson games was told that he would not be used for the project. On the robotech battles facebook page, it was announced that apparently the numbers do not add up, and that while the project may be viable in the future, they would not be using his company. I think this is a great shame considering the amount of work he put into this game, both with starting the rules, and with some of the great prototype figures he produced. I can only feel that Palladium or Harmony Gold, or both, have dropped the ball on this on, and instead seem happy to just let the licence sit there and do nothing.

You can read all about it at his blog robotech battles blog

Keep flying...

There'll always be a place in my heart for Robotech. It's what exposed me to anime and giant robots and started my love of both, and I was genuinely quite excited when I saw this game, and the miniatures it was producing. I reckon that dream will just have to wait a while longer unfortunately.

In other happier news this weekend the the website for Hawk Wargames new game Dropzone Commander went live. I would suggest you all rush over and check it out.

Hawk Wargames

It's a 10mm massed battle game, that has the premise that a lot of the time your forces are being deployed by Dropships (the name is a big clue to this). No more just lining up your forces (though I'm sure there will still be an element to that).

Frankly the pictures of these miniatures look gorgeous, and to those people that saw them in the resin at Salute can testify, they are still just as gorgeous.

I've prattled on about Dropzone Commander a couple of times now, probably cause I think it's worth. You had difficulty getting near the stand, and I think Dave has the next big thing in gaming on his hands. The prices are a bit higher than the rest of the 10mm crowd, and you're looking at £68 for a starter army (which is about the smallest game size), though I worked it out for the UCM army (as they're who I'm interested in) and it saves me £14.50 over buying the bits individually, which is good, and the rulebook is £15 which in this day and age is hardly expensive. So yes a bit pricey, but still reasonably in line with them. Frankly though, if you want nice miniatures, and these are very nice miniatures, you pay a bit more money. Same with Infinity, same with Mercs, and a whole load of other games that charge more for their figures.

Along with the miniatures, he's also releasing a line of scenery in the future, that will be modular double-sided tiles. So you can assemble them in anyway you desire. I think it's a great idea, and looking at some of the dioramas he's created with very little beyond his own figures and the scenery he's made it'll look gorgeous.

The United Colonies of Man on parade

The alien Scourge swarm through the streets of an abandoned core world city

The alien Shaltari invade in force

This and various others show what excellent work he has done, pretty much single handedly. I for one will be getting some.

I would suggest you go to the website and read up on the background that he's created for this, and if you're like me will be left wanting to know more. Speaking to him at Salute, I was very pleased when he said he whole heartedly believes in letting people know who they're fighting with, who the enemy is and why they're fighting.

And if you are still intrigued after that, the man himself will be on Facebook chat on Monday the 11th from 9am till 9pm on Hawk Wargames facebook page to answer questions regarding the rules, the game and anything else I imagine. I might pop on myself.

Mecha Ace out. 

Monday, 4 June 2012

Empire of the Dead WIP, Wappinshaw, and competitions

Well I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front of late, but I had the day off today so managed to get a bit of progress done on my Empire of the Dead faction, all of which can be seen below.

WIP Wolfskins
Two WIP wolfskins. Forgive the lower than usual quality (which is in itself not great) photography as they were just quickly snapped on my phone camera to get a pic up.

The one on the left is finished miniature wise, I just need to do the base. The one on the right currently just has the base colours and washes applied to him, he still needs highlighted etc. I'm going for a bit of a gypsy look from the victorian period, so different colours on them, though generally using the same ones. Might not have all the colours present on them at the time.

For the bases, I think I'm going to mostly keep the gravel look on the base, with a few cobblestones and bits of grass sticking through, as if they're in the run-down areas of London were the cobbles have all come loose and been carted off by the locals for other things.

Hope you like them, any comments and criticisms welcome

Wappinshaw 2012

Wappinshaw was this weekend, on Saturday the 2nd of June at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, and once again my club G3 was in attendance with our Empire of the Dead demo game. There was no prizes this time, but we were certainly busy all day, with a generally good crowd round our table asking questions about the game and a good few demo games run during the day. For some pictures and talk about the event you can find some here. If you look closely on top of the Tenement with the flat roof, you can see we managed to squeeze a geeky in-joke in, with a Vorlon watching closely the events that transpire, before whisking Jack the Ripper away for their future purposes.

Wappinshaw blog

To help as well the Figures in Comfort, who are the official stockists at shows that Westwind themselves cannot attend, gave us 4 vouchers they'd received from Westwind productions, so that if we felt someone had done something especially worthy during a game, that they could receive one and take it to their stall. They would then receive a prize of a free limited edition figure. These were put to good use, on occasions such as when Sherlock Holmes actually managed to beat The Ripper in a fashion rather than just managing to hold him up for the 10 turns.

All in all a good day was had as well.


As no doubt some of you are aware, my mate DangerousBrian aka LeadLegion is running a competition over on his blog

Lead Legion prize give away

To celebrate reaching 50 followers, he's offering up the chance to win £50 worth of painting by himself to the lucky winner. I think it's a great prize, and I've entered myself to hopefully get the lead mountain down a bit.

If you weren't aware of it, I'd heartily recommend you go over and enter. He does a great job and in a good time scale. The best of luck to anybody who enters.

Mecha Ace out.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

So apparently I have no willpower or how I got into Empire of the Dead

I type this as I sit and paint models for yet another game. After demoing Empire of the Dead at Carronade and plans to demo it at further shows, I must admit I wasn't entirely sold on it. I like steampunk and was looking for a game of that ilk, and so was keeping an eye both on Empire of the Dead and Wolsung SSG by Micro art studios. However a week ago I was in my local game store, and noticed they had the full stock of Empire of the Dead they're. After toying with the box of Lycaon for a while, I eventually decided aye why no, and picked it up.

So what do you get for your £25

The contents of the box
As you can see you get 2 x Wolves, 4 x Wolfskins (humans who've joined up), a packmaster (the smaller of the two werewolves), and a beastlord. They're all single piece models and all pretty well cast. There was a few small mould lines on them, but they're pretty easy to take care of, though annoyingly some of the mould lines on the werewolves run through fur, which can make them a pain to remove. All fairly nice models, and should paint up well, so look forward to seeing them, at somepoint in the future knowing my painting speed.

So what about the game. The rulebook is £30 and for that you get a nice hardback book, with some generaly world background, told in the form of a diary kept by the manservant of a gentleman, background and rules for the various factions, the rules themselves and various scenarios and the campaign system.

What about the factions. Well there's four of them for now (whether they have plans to add more I don't know). There's the Vampire, who are out to spread their curse upon the world, and generally do evil vampire like things (none of your sparkly Twilight vampire romance stuff here), and they are considered an evil faction.

The Lycaon (werewolves) are rather than rampaging monsters out to eat everybody, are more into restoring the natural order of the world, and thus are enemies of the vampire (as they're undead), though will fight mankind as well as he pushes ever forward with technology and destroying the natural world as he marches forward. They're considered a neutral faction

The Brotherhood are basically the militant arm of the church. They have the usual Deacons and Brothers and what not, and are out to protect mankind from the things that prowl in the night. They are considered a good faction

Gentlemans clubs. Now they're a bit special, as you can just have a regular club, and generally they have the best access to all the weird and wonderful gadgets and they are generally considered a neutral faction. However what you can also do is affiliate them to one of the other societies. There are currently 4 in the world. The Sons of Empire are all about bettering the Empire and their fellow man. They are a good faction. The Darkfire club are all about nefarious black magic, and control through fear. They're an evil faction. The Wulfen Jaeger are monster hunters essentially, and can also hire on hunting hounds. They're considered a good faction, and lastly the Zendarian Officers club are swordmasters without peer, and are considered a neutral faction. If you affiliate, you gain slight stat changes, some extra rules and other things, though it does come at the cost of 10 shillings.

There are also various special characters, including Holmes, Watson and Jack the Ripper that can be hired, and the rules for them are available for free from Westwind.

Rules for Gentlemen & Jackanapes

The rules are pretty straight forward, nice and easy to pick up so they are. They are pretty much the same as in the demo rules, though they've been expanded for the full game, including a campaign system and a whole range of various weapons, both mundane and more weird and wonderful (steam powered exo-skeletons and pneumatic stakes to name a few).

The scenarios are nice, including the usual "having a fight" scenario (called a Fracas), rescue the prisoner, save the bystanders and what not. There are several locations as well, from residential areas, industrial areas, the countryside and the best yet being "The botanical gardens of Professor Julius Ford-Talbot", with a whole list of weird and exotic plants, all with various rules for interacting with your models.

The campaign system is a bit different, as rather than the usual experience based system that I was expecting, instead you use money to pay for advancement rolls, with every roll being 10 shillings. Means it's more of a balancing thing between buying new gear and people and advancing your existing ones. There's also rules for visiting the doctor for healing wounds, and going to the pawn shop to hock your old gear. 

Well I think I've probably rambled on enough about this, so I hope to see you all in the foggy streets of London sometime soon. And remember

"Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford."
— Samuel Johnson

Friday, 11 May 2012

Pictures of the Club Demo game

So it's been a little while coming, but I haven't had a great deal of time of late, so hopefully the wait shall be forgiven.

Just thought I would post up some pictures from our club demo game at Carronade 2012, which was a great deal of fun so it was.

The board at the beginning of the day.
Jack the Ripper waits in an alley, ready to pounce on the unsuspecting citizens of London.
Meanwhile on the other side, Holmes and Watson get ready to intervene.
While the people of London go about their business.
Jack claims a victim, while Holmes and Watson close in.
Holmes rushes in to try and save the citizenry (yes the dead guy has become a woman)
But too late, and while Watson tries to keep up with his injured leg, the Great Detective himself is felled.
Jack then uses his "Unusual Occurance" to disappear into the fog (effectively he can teleport 12"), and claim another two victims. Alas the game is lost.
A quick shot of the biggest murdering spree of the day, that's 4 civilians, 3 peelers and Holmes and Watson.
And lastly the team. That's Andy P on the left, then Barry Kelly, myself, Spencer Warner, and lastly John McGrory (who also took all the pictures). Holding aloft our mugs of victory.

There's a whole load more pictures, that I didn't put up due to it just being one massive long post. Instead I've hosted them here at Carronade 2012 on Flicker If you're so inclined you can go and have a look at more pictures of the board and figures that were used to play the demo game.

Mecha Ace out.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Carronade 2012 post show and a victory

Just a quick post to talk about the Carronade 2012 show, which was yesterday, and which was the first outing for our clubs participation game Empire of the Dead. There'll be more pictures later, as one of the other guys at our club was taking pictures of the board, so once he's sorted through them I'll get some of them up to show off the board in all it's glory.

So for a quick basic picture of the board and what it looked like

The board just after set up
The brick buildings in the lower left are the ones I painted, with the roofs being done by fellow blogger and G3 member LeadLegion. The other buildings and the gas lamps were all painted by various club members, along with the miniatures which don't feature in this shot.

The show ran really well, with 5 of us there manning the table we worked with 2 people on for an hour, then they would swap for an hour with the other guys, while the fifth guy helped when he could as he isn't feeling great, and we just did this for the show. This meant we weren't at the table too long, and the shift went reasonably quickly, especially as we generally had a decent amount of interest in the game, with a demo game being ran every shift.

Everybody enjoyed themselves, the people running the game, along with the people participating in the games. The scenario was Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper, with the Ripper having to kill 4 civilians and harvest their organs within 10 turns. If he managed this, he was the victor, otherwise if he was killed, or 10 turns passed, Sherlock was the winner. I think by the end of the day we had 4 victories to the ripper, with only 1 to Sherlock.

 During my off time I wandered round the show as well. For a start I picked up my Critical Mass pre-order, which now gives me enough Arc Fleet troops etc to have a fieldable army. So they'll slowly be getting painted up in the scheme that has been shown before and properly based up, now I know what I'm doing with them. I also bought some Mercs for things like Blasters and Bulkheads and Tomorrow's War. And cause I'd pre-ordered to collect from the show, they threw in some goodies of some free figures, a couple of the small objective markers and some sticks for mounting figures on for painting. All in all more than £10 worth of stuff, which for the size of order was pretty good.

Then the final surprise. As we were running the last game of the day, we were approached by two of the guys from Falkirk District Wargames Club and were informed that we'd won best participation game of the show. Needless to say we were all pretty chuffed with ourselves, and to top it off we were all handed a prize.

No champagne to fill it with though. I'm sure tea will do.

So it just comes to me to thank the guys from the Falkirk District Wargames Club for running the show, which was really enjoyable. It's a good show, and while it's far from the biggest, it's done in a reasonable space, so you're not crammed in, and there's a decent amount of traders there.

And now it's looking onwards to Wappinshaw in July, we are going to tart the board up some more for the demo game, and we will see what we can do there.

Mecha Ace out.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Club demo game at Carronade 2012 and Dropzone Commander

Just a quick post to say my club, Glasgow Games Group (G3) is running a demo game of Empire of the Dead, the new game by Westwind productions at Carronade 2012, over in Falkirk this Saturday, the 5th of May.

Carronade 2012

If you're in the area come and say hello, would be great to see people. I'll be one of the guys wandering around with a Glasgow Games Group t-shirt on. If it's not me you find, I'm sure one of the other guys will be able to point you in my direction.

Of course the good news is, after a bit of help from LeadLegion, and a bit of last minute painting by one of the other club members, and a lot of help from Mrs Mechaace, I finally got my contribution of buildings done for the demo game. I'll grab some pictures of them on Saturday and put up some pictures, along with the rest of the board.

Course it now means I can get back to my own stuff, so hopefully there'll be some more things appearing soon, I've already got a few more Critical Mass Arc Fleet done, and I'm expanding my army on Saturday, so I can actually play with it. Also going to be getting into action and start assembling an Old Republic force with Jedi, soldiers and smugglers etc for some Blasters and Bulkheads action. Also going to take a look into doing Spectre Teams and Alliance stuff for again using Blasters and Bulkheads to do some Mass Effect gaming.

And since it wouldn't do to not have some pictures, I thought I'd post up all the previews that have been shown by Hawk Wargames for their new game, Dropzone Commander that was previewed at Salute.

 The Post-Human Republic

The Alien Scourge

Another Alien faction, The Shaltari Tribes. They use teleporting technology, so instead of dropships, get gateships.

The United Colonies of Mankind (my potential faction

 I must say as well, for 10mm figures, those infantry are chock full of detail. I also really like the way that the tanks are actually designed to fit into the dropships so everything works. I don't think I can state how excited I am about this game.

There's still not much info over at Hawk Wargames other than a pre-order date and a release date. Though my FLGS is talking of stocking them, so that would be good.

If you want more info, I'd get following them on Facebook, as they are posting daily preview shots (that's where these all came from), and any info I imagine will appear there first.

Hawk Wargames on Facebook

Mecha Ace signing out