Friday, 24 February 2012

Critical Mass Arc Fleet troops

Well time for some stuff that I've actually painted. As said in the description, I am the slowest painter in the world, and I partly started this blog to hopefully inspire me to do a bit more painting by showing it off.

I bought these figures from Critical Mass Games, when they attended a local show called Carronade in Falkirk, at least a year ago, and until now haven't really touched them. I experimented with colour schemes with a few, but was unhappy, so until I finally came up with something suitable they sat on the shelf, in bags, awaiting the caressing touch of the hairy sticks.

Finally one day a paint scheme just kinda popped into my head, while looking at sci-fi art and I just thought "Yeah, that could work". So they were broken out, the ones with paint on them were put in Pinesol to strip and the rest got to work on.

These aren't the only ones I've painted, but thought I would show a few of each type that I'd painted as brief examples of what I've done.

Arc Fleet Augment suits with laser cannons.

Arc Fleet Augment suit command. Also painted up some of the regular troops.

Arc Fleet regular infantry NCO troops.

I've got more Augment suits sitting waiting to get painted, and some more regular infantry. I've started work on one of the vehicles, after figuring out how much blue/grey it's getting, and it's now sitting awaiting shading.

These guys obviously aren't based. I'm going to get them all painted first, then base them once I work out what I'm putting on what bases. Also the commanders are going to get something to distinguish them, I'm thinking a white shoulder pad and white helmet or helmet stripe.

And yes, I'm a bit of a rubbish photographer. Any tips are always appreciated.


  1. Nice job on these. I like your color choices.

  2. The pictures really don't do them justice. I've seen them close up and they're even better.

  3. I also like your colour scheme for these! I'm something of a poor photographer myself, and too lazy or time constrained to build a light box, but if you get hold of one of those reflective panels to go inside a car windscreen on sunny days and place that around the subject, that should diffuse any light from flash. Either that, or crinkle up some kitchen foil, open it up again and use that in the same way. I haven't tried these myself yet, but a photographer friend of mine reckons that this should light up the subject much better. Good luck!

  4. Thanks for the kind words. I'm currently working on more, so shall hopefully start getting them based soon and maybe some vehicles finished.

    I might look at building a light box, as long as I can make it so I can move it out the way. I don't have a fixed painting table etc that just stays set up all the time, so I have to be able to put everything away when called for.