Monday, 4 June 2012

Empire of the Dead WIP, Wappinshaw, and competitions

Well I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front of late, but I had the day off today so managed to get a bit of progress done on my Empire of the Dead faction, all of which can be seen below.

WIP Wolfskins
Two WIP wolfskins. Forgive the lower than usual quality (which is in itself not great) photography as they were just quickly snapped on my phone camera to get a pic up.

The one on the left is finished miniature wise, I just need to do the base. The one on the right currently just has the base colours and washes applied to him, he still needs highlighted etc. I'm going for a bit of a gypsy look from the victorian period, so different colours on them, though generally using the same ones. Might not have all the colours present on them at the time.

For the bases, I think I'm going to mostly keep the gravel look on the base, with a few cobblestones and bits of grass sticking through, as if they're in the run-down areas of London were the cobbles have all come loose and been carted off by the locals for other things.

Hope you like them, any comments and criticisms welcome

Wappinshaw 2012

Wappinshaw was this weekend, on Saturday the 2nd of June at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, and once again my club G3 was in attendance with our Empire of the Dead demo game. There was no prizes this time, but we were certainly busy all day, with a generally good crowd round our table asking questions about the game and a good few demo games run during the day. For some pictures and talk about the event you can find some here. If you look closely on top of the Tenement with the flat roof, you can see we managed to squeeze a geeky in-joke in, with a Vorlon watching closely the events that transpire, before whisking Jack the Ripper away for their future purposes.

Wappinshaw blog

To help as well the Figures in Comfort, who are the official stockists at shows that Westwind themselves cannot attend, gave us 4 vouchers they'd received from Westwind productions, so that if we felt someone had done something especially worthy during a game, that they could receive one and take it to their stall. They would then receive a prize of a free limited edition figure. These were put to good use, on occasions such as when Sherlock Holmes actually managed to beat The Ripper in a fashion rather than just managing to hold him up for the 10 turns.

All in all a good day was had as well.


As no doubt some of you are aware, my mate DangerousBrian aka LeadLegion is running a competition over on his blog

Lead Legion prize give away

To celebrate reaching 50 followers, he's offering up the chance to win £50 worth of painting by himself to the lucky winner. I think it's a great prize, and I've entered myself to hopefully get the lead mountain down a bit.

If you weren't aware of it, I'd heartily recommend you go over and enter. He does a great job and in a good time scale. The best of luck to anybody who enters.

Mecha Ace out.


  1. Nice work so far mate and great pics from the show!

  2. Nice WIP (look forward to seeing the finished miniatures!) and write up - are you going to be running Empire of the Dead at Claymore?

  3. Nice looking figures Andy, keep it up !

  4. Yup, looking good. I reckon you should keep taking pics at the PC desk. The lightings much better over there.