Saturday, 14 July 2012

A small memorial

I've never really been one to post up notes on the internet of people I knew passing away, but today when I found out that one of my good friends lost his fight against cancer this morning I decided that I would, because after seeing him at shows talking to people it always amazed me how many people he knew on site, and who knew him, and that how much of the gaming community had been touched by this man, who for most of my life knew simply as the guy who worked that till at my local gaming shop.

My friend Spencer Warner passed away this morning. That's him second from the right. As I said above, I got to know him through my local gaming shop, and then became involved in helping him establish our local games club and we became friends from there.

He inspired me to start my own game project, which I'm still working on. He was always there with a good bit of advice on a game, or to help pitch in with a club project when we needed it. It'll feel strange at Claymore doing our demo game or Empire of the Dead, knowing he painted the figures.

I don't really want to write much, just something so that others in the gaming community know that this man, who did so much for our hobby in his time has passed on. If you knew of him, or actually knew him in your life then I too feel your loss.

For those who do know him, his wife has asked not to be contacted at this time, and to leave off sending flowers. If anybody wishes to do anything all that's been asked is maybe fling a couple of quid at McMillan Cancer trust.

I'm going out to meet some guys for a drink now to remember him. All I can say is that I know he'll be painting and gaming away somewhere. Hope his dice rolls are forever good.


  1. Sorry to hear the sad news about your pal, have a good drink for him tonight. I'm sure he'd like that.

  2. Indeed sorry to hear of your loss, thinking of his family at such a sad time

  3. Read about this on Brian's blog, very sorry to hear it, have a good drink for him...

  4. Although I am sure we have never met I am equally sure that evry club has a person of this magnitude who we all rely on for any number of reasons thier enthusiasm and their Knowledge. And from your words it is clear that it is a shared loss to the whole wargaming community.

    All the Best Clint

    1. He was definitely that sort of guy Clint. We gave him a good send off last night, but Claymore just won't be the same without him.