Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sarissa Precision WIP post number 2

So the date for the debut of the club demo game gets closer, and I keep working on the Sarissa Precision scenery that's forming a reasonable amount of the scenery for the board. I'm starting to grow a little bit in ability and confidence with my airbrush (though I'm far from claiming I'm some kind of master, but I know what way to point it).
The Industrial pod in progress

The two larger habitation pods, awaiting small details to be finished like vents, hatches, doors etc.

There's been a little bit of bleed through with the masking tape, so I've got a bit of tidying up to do. The industrial pod has the yellow at the front, though it's also going to get black, so it's like a large hazard stripe. And I've got the little bits to do, like doors, vents and hatches etc to do.

The finished silo, sans sign that will be on the side.

The silo is finished, though it'll get a sign on the side as well.

All in all, it's starting to shape up well. The figures have been painted by another club member, and other parts of the board that are needed have arrived, and are currently being worked upon by somebody else.

If we pull it off, hopefully it should look quite good.

Thanks again for looking. 


  1. I like that stuff, good work my friend.

  2. Great result! The red stripes on dirty white look especially good!

  3. That's some realy effective work with the airbrush Andy. Looks cracking so it does.