Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sarissa Precision System Infinity complete

Today draws a close on Operation: Paint all the fecking club scenery on time. And I must admit it's glad. While I enjoyed getting the use out my airbrush, I at times get bored of painting very quickly, and having a deadline at times can either help, or hinder, as I feel the pressure mounting.

Still it's done, and to a good standard if I do say so myself. I'm pleased with how the airbrushing has come out. Given it was pretty much my first time doing anything of actual substance with my airbrush anyway.

I still don't think I'm up to painting normal miniatures with it, but I certainly look forward to giving it a go, and using it more in the future. I've at least got all my own scenery that I can do with it, so that'll give me more practice.

Anyways, here's some pictures of the finished product.

The first show is Carronade, which is in Falkirk, this coming Saturday the 11th of May. If you can make it along, come along and you can see the scenery, and myself in person at the Glasgow Games Group (G3) participation game, X-treme G racing.

Thanks for looking.


  1. That looks really smart, might pop down to Carronade so look forward to seeing the setup.

  2. Very nice looking scenery sir! Your work with the airbrush is superb bud.

  3. Very nice! The structures look great!

  4. They look very good as others have already said!

  5. WHHHHHAAAAATTTTT! Don;t feel confident enough. Andy, you've pretty much mastered painting terrain with the airbrush already. Try it out on some vehicles and THEN tell me you're not ready!

  6. Thanks all for the compliments.

    @Lead Legion, I wouldn't say I've mastered painting terrain with it, it's my first go at it, and it's come out good enough, but still.