Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Club demo game at Carronade 2012 and Dropzone Commander

Just a quick post to say my club, Glasgow Games Group (G3) is running a demo game of Empire of the Dead, the new game by Westwind productions at Carronade 2012, over in Falkirk this Saturday, the 5th of May.

Carronade 2012

If you're in the area come and say hello, would be great to see people. I'll be one of the guys wandering around with a Glasgow Games Group t-shirt on. If it's not me you find, I'm sure one of the other guys will be able to point you in my direction.

Of course the good news is, after a bit of help from LeadLegion, and a bit of last minute painting by one of the other club members, and a lot of help from Mrs Mechaace, I finally got my contribution of buildings done for the demo game. I'll grab some pictures of them on Saturday and put up some pictures, along with the rest of the board.

Course it now means I can get back to my own stuff, so hopefully there'll be some more things appearing soon, I've already got a few more Critical Mass Arc Fleet done, and I'm expanding my army on Saturday, so I can actually play with it. Also going to be getting into action and start assembling an Old Republic force with Jedi, soldiers and smugglers etc for some Blasters and Bulkheads action. Also going to take a look into doing Spectre Teams and Alliance stuff for again using Blasters and Bulkheads to do some Mass Effect gaming.

And since it wouldn't do to not have some pictures, I thought I'd post up all the previews that have been shown by Hawk Wargames for their new game, Dropzone Commander that was previewed at Salute.

 The Post-Human Republic

The Alien Scourge

Another Alien faction, The Shaltari Tribes. They use teleporting technology, so instead of dropships, get gateships.

The United Colonies of Mankind (my potential faction

 I must say as well, for 10mm figures, those infantry are chock full of detail. I also really like the way that the tanks are actually designed to fit into the dropships so everything works. I don't think I can state how excited I am about this game.

There's still not much info over at Hawk Wargames other than a pre-order date and a release date. Though my FLGS is talking of stocking them, so that would be good.

If you want more info, I'd get following them on Facebook, as they are posting daily preview shots (that's where these all came from), and any info I imagine will appear there first.

Hawk Wargames on Facebook

Mecha Ace signing out


  1. He'll need it. I think he's running the third two-hour demo slot with the not-so-able assistance of moi.

  2. Yeh, good luck at the show, don't spend too much!!!!