Friday, 11 May 2012

Pictures of the Club Demo game

So it's been a little while coming, but I haven't had a great deal of time of late, so hopefully the wait shall be forgiven.

Just thought I would post up some pictures from our club demo game at Carronade 2012, which was a great deal of fun so it was.

The board at the beginning of the day.
Jack the Ripper waits in an alley, ready to pounce on the unsuspecting citizens of London.
Meanwhile on the other side, Holmes and Watson get ready to intervene.
While the people of London go about their business.
Jack claims a victim, while Holmes and Watson close in.
Holmes rushes in to try and save the citizenry (yes the dead guy has become a woman)
But too late, and while Watson tries to keep up with his injured leg, the Great Detective himself is felled.
Jack then uses his "Unusual Occurance" to disappear into the fog (effectively he can teleport 12"), and claim another two victims. Alas the game is lost.
A quick shot of the biggest murdering spree of the day, that's 4 civilians, 3 peelers and Holmes and Watson.
And lastly the team. That's Andy P on the left, then Barry Kelly, myself, Spencer Warner, and lastly John McGrory (who also took all the pictures). Holding aloft our mugs of victory.

There's a whole load more pictures, that I didn't put up due to it just being one massive long post. Instead I've hosted them here at Carronade 2012 on Flicker If you're so inclined you can go and have a look at more pictures of the board and figures that were used to play the demo game.

Mecha Ace out.


  1. Did I have the honour of the biggest murdering spree of the day???

  2. Lovely pictures Mecha and if you did, congrats to you Matt. That's some hall. And I thought I did well in our practice games by taking down Holmes, Watson and my four. But all the london bobbies too? Nasty Matt. Very nasty.

  3. Mug of victory....I like it!!!!! Some great pics, looks like a great game!

  4. Well done all, great looking table and a cool scenario.

  5. lol looked like a great time was had by all and congratulations fellas

  6. Thanks for the comments, and yeah it was a good day, everybody seemed to go away happy so they did. Winning the prize of best participation game just made it all the better.

    @Matt, I think unfortunately it wasn't you who had the biggest murdering spree. If I remember rightly you left 1 peeler alive still at the end of the game, though you did manage to also fell Holmes and Watson.

    1. Noooooooo! Fun game. Thank you for putting it on!