Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Back and painting again

Well still convalescing, but I've managed to get some painting done over the period I've been off amongst other things. So thought I'd put them up.

They're the start of my Assault Subsection sectoral army for my Aleph army for Infinity. I decided that rather than the usual of sticking to the same colour scheme for them, I would mark out the Assault Subsection troops with a different colour scheme, to show that while Aleph is normally just special operations policing the human sphere, these are the armed force of Aleph in it's war against the Evolved Intelligence.

On the left a Myrmidon with a boarding shotgun, on the right a Myrmidon with chain rifle and sword (though you can't see it).

Myrmidon doing fancy stuff with his sword.

Group shot of the Myrmidon box set from Corvus Belli for Infinity. Second from the right is the last Myrmidon with Combi-Rifle.

Originally I had planned on doing these guys black and chrome, though I was worried that it might end up being very dark. So instead I decided to go with more traditional colours for Greeks (which the Assault Subsection is based off of), and picked a red and bronze colour scheme. It was however after painting the first Myrmidon for the test scheme, I realised it looked a bit like Iron Man. However I decided I liked it anyways and stuck with it.

Any comments and criticism are welcome so they are.

Mecha Ace out.

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  1. I wouldn't of connected the two to be honest. They look great and the colours look great to me. Top figs sir. Merry Christmas!