Saturday, 8 December 2012

Not much has been getting done

Not a great deal been getting done of late, mostly due to work and the impending Christmas, so going out shopping etc.

I am however off work for the next 2 weeks after having my gallbladder removed, so once I get to a stage were sitting up for long periods of time is okay, I'll use that time to get some painting done hopefully.

In the mean time, trying to get the figures I wish now, before the Salute oath kicks in at the end of the month, to see me through the 4 month dry spell.


  1. All the best mate, hope you are upright and painting asap!

  2. Same from me too- get up and about asap, and I hope you feel on top of it for Christmas. Best wishes.

  3. Indeed have a good Christmas break and hope you have a speedy recovery so those 2 weeks get used as paint production time.