Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year and it's time for the Oath

First of all let me say a big Happy New Year to everybody, I'm a couple of days late, but I've been busy so I'm sure you'll forgive me.

I'm hoping to be a bit more productive in terms of painting this year, and also to trim down the games I no longer play, probably so that I can then spend the money on games I do play or are planning on getting, so I'll probably still have the same amount of figures and therefore unpainted metal/plastic/resin sitting about. I'll work my way through it eventually.

On the topic of that, it's also time for the Salute Oath, which I took at the start of the year. For those not in the know, those of us going to Salute last year started the Oath, which basically involves not buying any new miniatures until we go to Salute. Therefore as of 01/01/13 until 20/04/13, I'm not allowed to buy any figures (bar a few orders that were placed before the Oath, and I'm still waiting on arriving). I managed it this year, so hopefully my resolve will hold this year too. Otherwise the punishment is carrying everybody elses purchases at Salute. There's also talk of orange mohawks too...

Thanks again for reading, look forward to the new year.


  1. Happy New Year and good luck with the oath

  2. So what games are you playing and which ones are facing the chop?

    1. Currently I'm mostly playing Dropzone Commander and Infinity really. Also playing various other skirmish games like Bushido, Godslayer, and looking to do more Heavy Gear.

      Games and miniatures facing the chop are my mid-war British for Flames of War, my Cygnar stuff for Warmachine, and probably most if not all my collection for Malifaux. Just find I'm not playing them at all.

  3. Post something before I come back up to Glasgow and nag you!