Monday, 25 February 2013

Robotech the game gets a bit closer

So, late last night, some exciting news began to stir on the internet. Palladium put up their announcement for future releases, and amongst that was news that they plan to bring out "Robotech RPG Tactics"

They've brought together people from both Cipher Studios, who work on products like Hell Dorado and Anima tactics, and Soda Pop, who've designed Relic Knights and Super Dungeon Explore amongst other things. They've been working with these guys, along with people from Palladium books and Harmony gold to bring this, and have apparently been furiously testing the tactical rules.

The plan is to bring miniatures from all three periods of the Robotech universe, ranging from the Macross Saga, to the Masters and the New Generation, and to produce them in a consistent scale. They've so far said they're going to do 1/285th for the scale, though they have also said that if the market demands it, they'll do other scales such as 28mm etc.

They've set up a facebook page for Ninja Division, which is the group of people they've put together for this, and they've just posted up a render of the Spartan Destroid. If you want to see it, got here.

Ninja Division Facebook page

So how are they planning on doing this. Well the plan is to run a kickstarter, mid to late March to allow the funding, as currently Palladium don't have the funds to pull this off. They plan to use this to produce a box set, which will start the ball rolling, though the final price and contents are still being finalised. They'll be showing off renders etc on their Ninja Division facebook page, so I'll be posting news as it comes in the future. I'm hoping it'll be a big enough success, so as to keep this thing going.

For the full announcement, why not go to the Palladium announcement.

Palladium announcement page

Remember people, the U.N. Spacy needs you, so keep your eyes peeled for news of the kickstarter, and lets get this thing going.

Mecha Ace out.

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