Sunday, 8 April 2012

Less than two weeks till Salute 2012

So Salute 2012 is less than 2 weeks from now. Hurrah I say, for with it comes the end of "The Oath" (which I've actually managed to keep too). So just thought I would post a quick review of what I'll be buying, and from whom, to put an end to the oath.


1) Critical Mass rulebook from Critical Mass Games

Very interested in these rules, as I'm looking more and more to 15mm for gaming, especially when it comes to platoon level and larger games. As one of my friends described it, I'm put off by the way 40k now looks during a game, as to stay competitive you need tanks, and due to the amount some armies take like Imperial Guard, it looks like a parking lot for tanks.

They're also doing a deal at Salute of if you buy one of their new army boxes, you can get the rules at half price, or if you play a participation game you can get the rules for free with the purchase of an army box. 

2)  A couple of figures for the Prefecture of Ryu for Bushido from GCT Studios

Due to the oath I've missed out on a couple of releases for my faction for Bushido, so I'll be picking those up. Namely

Mizuchi, a rather nice looking dragon
Daisuke, a healer who could prove very useful
I think they're both great looking models, and will be keen to get them. And as GCT Studios are running a giveaway on the day, in that if you buy something from them, you get entered into a draw to win a board. The more things you buy, the more chances. Info below

GCT Studios Salute board giveaway

3) Some 15mm troops from Ground Zero Games

Looking at getting some of the 15mm UNSC troops for use in Tomorrow's war. I've worked out for £24 I can get 55 figures. 55 figures!!!, that's a whole lot of stuff for not a lot of money. They'll also double as troops in RPG games and what not. I'm also looking at getting some New Israelis to paint up as Republic Army troops for a Star Wars RPG I'm going to run at somepoint.

4) Bases and possibly some figures from Micro Art Studios

I need more bases for my Infinity figures, both the Urban set they do and the Urban War set they do (not the game, just the urban set that looks like it's been shot up). They're always difficult to come by from Maelstrom etc, so I'll grab as many as I can while down there.

Also I'm interested in their game that's coming out at somepoint Wolsung SSG, which appears to be steampunk in a fantasy world. A steampunk Shadowrun you could probably say. Looks interesting anyways, and if they have the rules I may grab a copy.

5) Spaceships from Mongoose Publishing

I play Noble Armada by Mongoose Publishing and have a Hawkwood fleet (in fact it was painted by Lead Legion, and can be seen in my first post). Still, we've been getting more games, and I feel the need to expand it a bit, so definitely a Maestekulos dreadnought and possibly some other stuff. Probably the expansion if they have it as well.

Ready to bring the thunder with that enormous meson cannon

6) More superheroes for Pulp City

I need to finish off my Heavy Metal team, and to do that there isn't a lot. I need the last three heroes, Captain Hadron (a size changer) who comes with a regular 28mm version and a small version (think it's around 10-15mm), and Lady Cyburn (a ranged attack cyborg). I also need to buy C.O.R.E., the illustrious leader of the team. I also want to buy a Giant Hadron (a large resin figure they do to represent Captain Hadron in his giant mode). As Giant Hadron is very limited stock (they simply can't afford to have it sitting around, so it's just about cast to order) and C.O.R.E. comes normally in a box with a hero I already have, I've e-mailed my order in already, and they've said they'll have it sitting aside for me on the day. What helpful people.

Giant Hadron Smash. Hope to drum up some interest in the game with models like this.

7) Some scenery from Sarissa Precision

What with the new wave in laser cut MDF scenery that's coming out, it's a good time to be a gamer, as this makes it much cheaper. I really fancy some of their system infinity scenery, for well Infinity for a start, and other sci-fi games. I think a few habitation pods etc, will make a nice little start up colony in the jungle somewhere.

8) Infinity stuff from Simple Miniature games

Probably. Simple miniatures normally do decent deals on the day for Infinity. Last year it was buy 4 blisters get a 5th free, or buy 2 boxes and get a 3rd free etc, so I'll probably get what Infinity stuff I need from them. I'm going to have a look around though.

Well this post has gone on a lot longer than I thought, so I'll post up other possible purchases that I may make, depending on money and how gullible I'm feeling on the day, along with games I'm going to be looking at/participating in.

What about you? Are you going this year? What purchases will you be making? Are there any you feel I've missed off my list I should look at? Would be great to hear your opinions.

As always thanks for looking.


  1. 15mm the way to go, it's so cheap compared to 25's. I'm off to Salute, may see you there.

  2. I've bought a big, bum-load, (recognised quantitative measure in the scientific community) of sarissa precision stuff and its well wuvwy.

  3. "As one of my friends described it, I'm put off by the way 40k now looks during a game, as to stay competitive you need tanks, and due to the amount some armies take like Imperial Guard, it looks like a parking lot for tanks."

    What? When was I promoted from former flat mate to friend? I'm touched. I really am.

    Have fun at Salut. I'm gutted that I'll miss it this year. Honestly hadn't expected business to be so good or I'd have bought a ticket. Never mind. At least I have painting the new acquisitions for your fleet to look forward to.

    Heavy gear *cough* Heavy Gear. Go buy some more.

  4. Yeah I think for me 15mm stuff for larger scale games is the way forward. Still going to buy 28mm but probably just skirmish scale.

  5. I need to visit GZG myself and maybe do a list as well,damn good idea! GZG figures any good?

    1. I'll be honest, for a long time I wasn't keen on the GZG 15mm stuff. However his newer ranges such as the New Israelis

      And the new UNSC stuff

      Are pretty nice. Good for anything from near future to full on sci-fi. He also does a good range of 15mm sci-fi civilians and police etc.

      The miniatures are pretty well cast, and they've got a lot of nice detail on them.

      Definitely worth having a look I would say.