Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Victory is mine...

So it finally happened. Three days before Salute and the lifting of "The Oath" my other friend, who had until now managed to hold off cracked. He was in GW exchanging a can of purity seal, and apparently one of the Necron characters called to him. Therefore, given that the other friend cracked by buying the limited edition space marine from the old artwork a while ago, means I am effectively the last man standing.

Obviously actually me.

So what does this mean I hear you ask. It means of course that the beers at lunchtime at Salute are on them.

I must admit, I'm actually quite proud. There's been moments of temptation, what with various 15mm figures tempting as I get more into it, and just various other things. The fact that I haven't is quite good, and I have managed to get some painting and building done. Admittedly not a massive amount, though to me it is, as I do things at a bit of glacial pace.

Anyways, in terms of Salute, here's another few things I'll be looking at.

The Salute List: Part 2


Wayland Games 

I want to go and see if Wayland games have brought any heavy gear with them. If they have I may get some, though this depends on the money at the time.

World of Twilight

The world of twilight is a great little game, and Mike Thorp has come up with a really original world, of various races in a fantasy universe of his own creation. Very much inspired by things like Dark Crystal and things of that ilk, his figures are really great. It's just a shame I don't get to play it more, so these are further down the list, but I'll probably pop by and say hello at least.


There's also a couple of games I'm interested in trying out this year, or at least looking at and taking pretty pictures of.

Antenociti's Workshop

Antenociti's Workshop are listed as running a game called "Empire: Peripheral Wars" which is listed as sci-fi and as a new range of small scale warships. This to me sounds like a spaceship game, and I do like me some spaceships. And given the stuff that Antenociti has produced in the past, I could be all over this like a fox on a binbag when it comes out.

Artemis Blacks

Artemis is listed as running demonstration games of the new miniatures rules coming out from Red Box Games. I've always loved these figures, as they combine fantasy and a dark age feel that I really like. However I'm not one to buy figures that I can't use in a game system, and I have a weird fluff OCD that means I can't just bodge something together in a generic system. Therefore when they announced that they were finally bringing out a ruleset, I was very happy. Again I may be having a look at this when it comes out, and as such may pick up a couple of figures at Salute if I like it.

Four Colour Figures

As no doubt many of you will know, due to his participation in the blogosphere, The Department, a set of sci-fi noir rules is being released at Salute. I've recently picked up Blasters and Bulkheads, by the same guy and I'm liking the look of it, and I'm thinking of getting some Old Republic gaming in. If it's good, then this could also be on the list, so I intend to have a look at it.

These of course are just the games I'm most interested in and will definitely be having a look at. I'll be taking pictures of other things though, and will no doubt do a bit of a breakdown of Salute on my return at somepoint. Given this list, and the list of potential things, I predict by this time next week I'll be a bit skint. I'll have lots of shiney new toys though, so that'll be okay.

Cheers for looking, and hope to see some of you there.


  1. Congrats on beating the boys and hope to see you there!

  2. Gah! I'm gutted. Here I thought you were doing a Bat Rep about how you kicked my rear end at AE-WWII on Tuesday night!