Saturday, 14 April 2012

Tomorrow's War Battle report

So, over the Easter weekend, myself, Lead Legion and one of our friends Andy P decided to have a game. I fancied trying Tomorrow's War out, as while I have the rules, they seem to me the kind of rules that you sit down and read and just make a confused face at, whereas if you play them, they make more sense. Also I intend on buying some 15mm stuff for it at Salute, and wanted to see if I was actually going to get use out my investment.

So Lead Legion kindly supplied some figures and scenery, I supplied a board and gaming space, and our friend supplied Irn Bru and hob nobs. All in all I feel everybody contributed equally.

The scenario was modified from the Tomorrow's War book. Lead Legion would control the evil aliens, in this case from Pendraken miniatures I believe?. I would take on the role of corporate marines, who had been sent in to clear out the "accidental" release of corporate bio-weapons on this colony, represented by GZG New Israelis, while Andy P would be using Lead Legions Khurasan Neo-Sovs as the local constabulary.

I effectly had two 4 man fire-teams at tech level 2 and heavy armour, Andy P had three 4 man fire-teams at tech level 2 with light armour. Space Demons were considered tech level 2 and had fearless and light armour. If I'm wrong no doubt LL will jump in and tell me.

Our objective was to rescue colonists, Lead Legions was to eat them. For every colonist or trooper he killed, he got one 1 vp, whereas for every colonist we escorted off a board edge, we got 1 vp. Also we would be competing against each other, to see who could rescue more colonists between the marines and the local cops.

Colonists would move randomly, unless they could see either marines or police, then they would move towards them. If they were attacked by aliens, they would react by trying to move away from them.

Aliens would spawn randomly. 1d6 4 man (alien??) squads would appear every turn, with 5 locations randomly determined. On a 6 they didn't turn up (or turned up at the wrong settlement or something).

The Set-up

The board with myself deployed at the near edge, Andy P sitting in blue with his cops, and most of Lead Legion looking on with an evil grin (that you can't see).

So we set up along the board edges. Colonists in the middle, with the aliens having 5 squads deployed. One in the centre, one in the large wooden temple thing, one amongst the brown tanks, one in the grey bunker and one in the toxic pool. Our forces were deployed at the board edge.

Turn 1:

I got initiative so my marines decided to move up. Of course this got them seen by the aliens in the wooden temple, so they reacted by moving towards them. I had forgotten to declare I was going to shoot them. I then failed to kill any, and they got into close combat. I wasn't particuarly looking forward to this as I thought I was about to get killed. However his guys were d6 and mine were d8. So after a couple of rounds of combat, it turned out that marine boot beats alien quite nicely.

Dead aliens

Andy P then moved his troops up, again drawing the attention of some aliens. After some shooting and close combat, his cops faired pretty well, taking one casualty who would be rolled for at the start of next turn to see if he was actually dead.

Seen off with the help of anti-alien truncheons.

Aliens then began moving, chasing after the colonist in the centre as well. Most of them managed to get away, however one group didn't react fast enough. We didn't realise that the colonists shouldn't fight in combat. And then after finding out they couldn't, we decided to allow them too anyways. Especially as it resulted in the amusement that followed. For unfortunately the aliens didn't realise they'd picked on the colony's Kung Fu class.

Four dead aliens lie at the feet of some rather put out colonists.

Turn 2:

Lead Legion got 2 more groups of aliens. They spawned at the closest point to me. Sigh. Andy P's cop recovered with a light wound, which basically meant he couldn't advance move without a quality check. Andy P also got initiative.

The table at the start of turn 2
His cops moved up to move towards the colonists in the centre. This meant they were now in site of some of the colonists, who would now begin moving towards them on their turn. They also moved up to shoot some aliens who were chasing colonists

The colonists run towards the local constables, while they shoot some aliens, which can be seen just at the side of the white bus.
My marines on the other hand were bogged down, as they now had a whole load of new aliens in front of them. Thankfully I remembered to shoot at them this turn, killing some, but they still reacted and moved into close combat. After several rounds of this, all the aliens lay dead, with one marine casualty.

A whole load of dead aliens

By this point I think Lead Legion had one lonely alien left, all the other having been shot up or stomped on. So he doggedly chased some colonists, which just got it shot by the local cops.

Turn 3:

The situation at the start of turn 3.

Lead Legion spawned his aliens, only another two groups, and thankfully they were far away from me, meaning I could try and make up some lost ground. They spawned in the cess pool, and in amongst the brown tanks. My trooper recovered, though had a serious injury, so was basically useless, and as I had a bit of a chase I decided I'd spend this turn escorting him to the rear.

The colonists now flocked to Andy P's cops. It was at this point we discussed could I try and steal the colonists, convincing them to come with me. It was decided that yes, if I got close enough, I could try and opposed test to convince the colonists, that clearly I was the safer choice. So the chase began.

The horde of colonists, with some freshly spawned aliens
Not a lot happened this turn. Andy P started to move his troops and colonists back, while managing to kill all the aliens in the cess pit, while the others began chasing his colonists. My guys fired up the Benny Hill music and started chasing after them.

Turn 4:

In which we forgot to take a beginning of turn photo. D'oh. Lead Legion managed to get more aliens this turn, and in slightly useful positions.

Andy P's colonists were on the large hill with his troops, while his other troops and remaining colonists were on the left handside and leaving the board. My troops had just made it to the hill

Hey you guys wouldn't you rather come with us??
 Unfortunately they couldn't quite get close enough. Then of course pesky aliens arrived.

Effectively I had to turn round and save my competitor. Rubbish
So yeah I had to turn my troops round, so that my opponent could get the colonists to safety. I like to think of it as self sacrificing and all that for the greater good yadda yadda. Eventually after some shooting and some close combat the aliens were defeated with no casualties. My other group of three also encountered a group of aliens as well, close to my original board edge.

Take that.
Thankfully these ones didn't even get into close combat, managing to shoot them all, and then fire again as they tried to charge into close combat. Take some space guns nasty aliens.

Andy P's police also encountered some more aliens, while protecting the last group of of colonists.

All lined up

In which he managed to kill them all. through a combination of shooting and close combat, all the aliens were seen off with only one casualty. All the aliens were also kind enough to slide down the hill into a nice neat row after a rather ferocious round of close combat.

At this point we decided to call it. It was pretty clear that Andy P would get the colonists off, and there was nothing I could do about it. So basically he managed to get 16vp for rescuing every single colonist. Lead Legion got 1vp for killing a cop. And me, I got none. Swines.

Still an enjoyable game, so definitely think I'll be investing in some 15mm stuff to play this with. They'll also double up as space troops in various RPGs and what not.

As always thanks for looking, comments more than welcome.


  1. Hey Mecha-I enjoyed the Batrep. I have these rules, but not yet used them. However, I have played a few games of Force on Force on which they are based. I trust you enjoyed the game? It certainly appeared so!

  2. Great looking game, nice to hear a positive report on these rules too.

  3. Thanks for the battle report!

  4. Nice batrep. I got the rules a while back in pdf but haven't played them yet. Sounds like a pretty good game.

  5. I like these rules for my upcoming foray into sci-fi, nice game and report!

  6. Hey there thanks for the comments.

    I did enjoy the game, looking forward to trying it out a bit more, and will definitely be picking up some 15mm stuff at Salute for it.

    Really like the reaction system, as also being a big fan of Infinity also, I like the idea that your guys don't just stand there and look at troops as they walk in front of them. Yes you only get one reaction, and it uses your activation, though I suppose at the size otherwise it would bog down very quickly.

    Definitely be doing more, and look for troops for these eventually.

  7. I really enjoyed the game too. Having looked over the original Aliens in the Reactor scenario that comes with the game, I reckoned the alien's official stats made them too hard and reduced them from D8 to D6 troop quality. Bad move. But we all had a good time and a good laugh. Especially when the four civvies kicked some alien ass.

  8. Hello there nice blog and a Great report.
    Nice setup as well from the combined teams :D

    Where the bugs not powerful enough do you think?

    1. Hi there, welcome aboard.

      Yeah I think the aliens were a bit underpowered. As lead legion said, he decided to reduce them to d6 which I think if they'd had more overwhelming numbers would've been more effective, but as they were generally quite equal, it came out a lot easier for the marines and cops. Still an enjoyable game though, many laughs were had.

  9. Gary and I are trying this with 40k soon.

    Great report mate!