Monday, 26 March 2012

Black Talon Primary Insertion Team finished

Not often I get to use that phrase, only another 4 gears and about 40 little mens to go and I can have a fully painted faction. Still hopefully I shall keep going, the blog is inspiring me to do more, as are comments left by people.

So here they are.

Eagle trooper with a heavy autocannon/light grenade launcher

Another Eagle trooper with a heavy autocannon/light grenade launcher

Eagle trooper with a gatling laser cannon and chainsword
Group shot, with the previously painted Owl C3
I've taken these shots (bar the Owl) before varnishing them, as I've noticed the varnish, even though I use a coat of gloss, then a coat of matt, it's still giving a bit of shine which I don't want when photographing them.

Quite a simple paintjob really, and I think that helped keep me going with them. These are now pretty much finished, though I still need to varnish the Eagle troopers, and think I may invest in some transfers for them. I'm also thinking of adding some grass tufts to the bases to make it look a bit less just straight desert and add a bit something extra in.

Looking forward to using these guys now in a game of Heavy Gear sometime, and I also have plans to use them as large powered armour for 15mm Tomorrow's war as well.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Great looking unit, I really like the HG minis.

  2. You actually finished a unit? I feel faint. :D. Very nice work. Are you bringing these guys along tomorrow night?

  3. Nice job. Simple paint schemes work best for me and these look very nice,

  4. Thanks guys, had a good time painting them. Need to get to work on my infantry and operational assistance team (the big guns)

    No wont be bringing these guys tomorrow, as they would use up a good chunk of the points themselves.

  5. I love the colour scheme and the models, keep it coming!