Saturday, 24 March 2012

Scenery for the Club Demo game

So, the my local games group G3 (Glasgow Games Group) has been asked to run demo games of the new game from Westwind Productions, which is Empire of the Dead (you can check it out here). We'll be demoing the game at three of the Scottish shows (possibly more), which are:

Carronade by Falkirk Wargames Club
This is on the 5th of May, in Falkirk

Wappinshaw, run by the Phoenix Wargames club
This is on the 2nd of June in Glasgow

Claymore, run by the South East Scotland wargames club
This is on the 4th of August, over in Edinburgh

If you happen to be at one of these shows, be sure to pop over to our demo table and say hello.

So it's all hands to pumps for doing stuff for the game. The plan is to run the demo that is currently available for download from the Westwind site, of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson up against Jack the Ripper. With the help of some coppers as well. The aim of the scenario is basically to stop Jack the Ripper harvesting organs (a guy's gotta eat right??). We've run through it a few times at the club and it's a fun little scenario, doesn't involve a whole load of rules so is quite easy to teach, but there's still a good amount of challenge in it. Jack the Ripper is a beast in combat, well he is now that we figured out what we were doing wrong. He's now the Ripper again, rather than the Phantom Raspberry blower of old London town.

We've invested in some scenery for the game, which will obviously be kept by the club afterwards. From Sarissa Precision we have invested in some of the residential city blocks and one of the warehouses from their 28mm City block range. Whereas from Warbases we've invested in some of the red brick terrace, some shops, and a pub along with two of the tenements and one of the corner tenements from their Very British Civil War range. So it's fallen to me to paint the redbrick terraces, shops and pub. So I thought I would take advantage and put progress of how their doing.

Couple of photos below, showing progess on the buildings. I tackled one terrace, while the wife pitched in and started doing the pub.

Terrace after the grey undercoat. Aided by plenty of Irn-bru (it comes in pints!!)

The terrace and pub receive their good heavy drybrush of Burgundy paint by miniature paints.

The undercoat took very well actually, I was worried about it soaking into the MDF but it was fine. After that it was just a lot of heavy drybrushing of the buildings. The grey stayed in the recesses in most places, giving the look of mortar in the walls, however as they're hardly the nicest parts of London, I'm not worried about every bit of mortar being there.

Plan is to then drybrush these buildings using a terracotta paint, again from miniature paints. Then the windows/doors will be painted and glued into place before the buildings are assembled. The interiors are going to be painted black, and I'll need to figure out what to do for the roofs. If I have time, I may make some cornflake packet tiles for the top, as the roofs are just flat bits of MDF.

The only problem with all this, is that due to all the drybrushing of red, the paper on my painting table is beginning to look vaguely like a crime scene.

There's been a murder!!
I'll continue to post pictures as I make progress on these. I've also been working on my Black Talons as time allows, so some head way has been made on them as well. Once the rest of the squad is done, pictures shall be posted.


  1. Airbrush and Model Air Paints at the ready if you need em Mecha...

    Now, if only I could persuade Deranged Wordsmith to give me a hand with MY scenery...

  2. Looking good. I'll be interested to see how these come out.

  3. @Lead Legion: Thanks mate, depending on how it goes I may take you up on that. And she enjoys painting buildings so it's all good.

    @Luckyjoe: Thanks very much. I'll be interested too to tell the truth, it's the first time I've ever really built and painted scenery.