Saturday, 3 March 2012

Bushido the miniature game

Well, as I'm currently painting away more Critical mass stuff, and working on building I haven't managed to get pictures done of what I've been doing, and it's been a bit of a slow week (who am I kidding, it's always a slow week were I'm considered for painting).

Anyways I thought I would put up a post about one of the other games I'm currently playing, Bushido by GCT studios


Set in a fantasy world, based on Japanese myth and lore mostly, this game is a small skirmish game released by GCT studios last year. They've brought out four factions so far, with a starter box and 3 new figures for each to date. They release a new one for each faction every 2 months, so it's hardly a strenous release schedule to keep up, and there is talk of releasing a full rulesbook, as currently there are only the quickstart rules available which you get in the starter set and can also download from the website.

Four factions currently present are The Prefecture of Ryu (samurai basically, with a few added bits. Also the faction I play), Savage Wave (Oni and Bakemono so far, with a few bits coming out), Cult of Yurei (cult of the undead, with zombies, undead oni and a few other cool bits), and the Temple of Ro-kan (mystical monks that control the elements and have animal friends).

The system is quite good. Each model has 2 actions, and can carry out a simple task (1 action) or a complex (2 actions) during it's activation. If you only use 1 action, you can go back to them later in the turn. Regarding the fighting (the important bit obviously), you have multiple combat dice, which you then need to split into attack and defence. These are decided in secret and rolled at the same time, with both attacker and defender rolling. These are then compared, with the attacker normally striking first, and the defender then gets to strike back if they are still alive. Each model also normally has one or more Ki feat, basically you accumulate Ki during the turn, then can use it in special moves etc.

Now to live on a bit of past glory, and show of the paintjobs for my Prefecture force.

Hiro Takeshi, the main man from the Prefecture starter. Note I added the banner myself.

Minuro, who's armed with an arquebus, and has a good range though takes time to reload.

Yoshio, one of the standard spearmen for Prefecture.
Jin, the other spearmen (spearwoman??) for the Prefecture. Clearly they're all about equality.
Hanso, the right hand man of Hiro, and armed with a pretty large No Dachi for cutting down enemies.

For those who think the colour scheme is familiar that's cause it possibly is. I used the colour scheme from the Dragon Clan from Clan War/Legends of the Five Rings, as I used to play them in Clan War back in the day, and also the fact that they shared a name was just too good a coincidence.

Hopefully people will give it a look, it's a great game and not expensive to get into with a starter being around £25. For those who want to give it a try before hand, the rules are available online, as are the stat cards for the starter sets and the first couple of releases for each faction. So hopefully people will give it a try. 

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