Thursday, 15 March 2012

Robotech Battles. Turns out dreams do come true

And who could say no??

So imagine my excitement, when during doing a quick check of the usual geek sites I frequent in the morning to see what's happening, I find out that somebody has approached Palladium about the production of a Robotech miniatures games.

Now for me this is a big thing, Robotech is what got me into anime and mecha, when I first saw it as a early teenager. To me it was amazing, as while other sci-fi shows that were live action were working with small budgets and the limited technology of the time, here was something that showed giant transforming robots, fighting aliens and massive spaceships. What's not to love.

The game is based on the aforementioned anime series (which in itself is an adaptation of the Japanese series Super Dimensional Fortress Macross) and tells the story of the newly fledged RDF, who are Earth's military, against an invasion by the Zentraedi, a race of giant green humanoid aliens. To counter this threat, Earth has developed the Veritech from the technology found when the Macross crashed into planet Earth, while it is being repaired and returned to service. The Veritech fighter allows the pilot to switch from Fighter mode, to Battloid mode (giant robot) and Guardian mode (a hybrid between the two) at will, and as the situation demands.

Anyways, enough of my waffle, here's a picture of two of the miniatures.

One of the human walkers, developed before Veritech fighters, and a Zentraedi Battlepod

From what I know it's going to be a 1/285 scale game, and they currently have a set of playtest rules that are available from their blog

Robotech Battles blog

They've also got a presence on Facebook, which shows a lot more pictures that have been put regarding models and 3D renders that have been carried out for future models. From what I know they've approached Palladium with both these and the current ruleset, with the intent on producing a miniature game, and I believe this has been met somewhat favourably.

Their facebook page, were they are keeping people up to date is here

Robotech Miniatures

I'm really hoping this goes ahead, as Robotech is a big memory for me, as mentioned it introduced to this whole thing of anime and mecha and all those things. All I can do is recommend you check them out and hopefully it'll go ahead and get produced. I've already warned my wife that if it does, I may end up filling our flat with tiny Veritech fighters.

Oh and one more thing, just to see if this can be the next dream to come true

Cause I can dream right...

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  1. I'd play it and love the battlepod, we all dream don't we?